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Forex Advise Club does not provide any services in Indian Market and we exclusively serve clients based out of India only.

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Forex Signals/Tips, Comex Signals/Tips, and Indices Signals/Tips also known as recommendations or calls, provided by FOREX ADVISE CLUB, are purely opinions of a group of people who keep a close watch on the market movements and speculate based upon them. They do not assure or guarantee any specific returns. Therefore, it is important for every visitor to be cautious, and take actions in consultation of a reliable financial advisor or expert. FOREX ADVISE CLUB, its employees, promoters, etc. are not responsible for any type of losses that may be caused because of signals, tips, calls, and recommendations sent. The reports and data generated over FOREX ADVISE CLUB is part of information service, as an aid to our clients / subscribers. They do not possess any personal suggestions about selling or buying any currencies/currency pair, commodities, indices, security or securities, or to compel clients act on them. In no instance fees on account of subscription or advisory services paid to FOREX ADVISE CLUB is non refundable. This point is elaborately covered under FOREX ADVISE CLUB and Non-Refundable Policy. Market investments, by way of currencies, commodities, and indices (futures or spot), are subject to risks. Though FOREX ADVISE CLUB takes adequate measures and employs serious efforts to present the best viewpoints, and the data generated is backed by reliable sources and analysis, yet we don’t promise perfection and/or conclusion of them. All this is solely for information. We under no circumstances can be held responsible for any losses, be it financial or otherwise, because of this. Information provided through our services and/or contained on our website should not be understood as sales offers, pleading anyone to buy or sell something. FOREX ADVISE CLUB is free of any liability or obligation of third-party content available access on our website. None of our clients, third parties or others can share the signals, tips, recommendations or calls to anyone or forward the SMS or other details we have sent to other people, clients, etc., neither indirect nor indirect form. Such an act can lead to legal action. FOREX ADVISE CLUB holds right to alter, modify or delete its website content whenever felt essential, at its discretion. It should be noted that index values appearing on the website may be delayed by some minutes, therefore care should be taken. FOREX ADVISE CLUB practices prudence but does not assure perfection or aptness of its signals, tips, recommendations, or calls. We don’t deny the likelihood of possible errors or inaccurate details on website. There also can be some surplus details added, deleted or modified done by third parties. We have taken all care for the correctness and legitimacy of the data or content on our website; however there is no surety or assurance provided. However, we are committed to correct if point out. Capital invested on account of currency, commodity, indices trading or other products available to trade in the market are subject to risk. We are not responsible for any rise or decline in their prices. Such fluctuation is likely in rate of exchange too. Content published on our website cannot be used for any personal purposes, neither can this be copied, uploaded, posted, republished, reproduced, etc. without our approval. Such an action may lead to necessary legal action.