SGX Market Hyflux Update With Stock Picks
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SGX Market Hyflux Update With Stock Picks

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SINGAPORE (SGX): Investors forgot on an appendage by Hyflux should hold up until the point when mid-February to discover progressively about the troubled water treatment association’s recovery plan and what that implies for their ventures.

SGX Stock Picks

This was uncovered to those that went to the second round of town corridor gatherings on Friday (Jan 18).

Financial specialists were advised to expect the declaration of a formal rebuilding plan in about a month’s time.

They were likewise educated that they will get money and values in the rebuilt Hyflux, albeit correct figures were not uncovered.

“By mid-February or from that point, they will work out how much money or how much value for each gathering. There will be another town lobby for speculators to comprehend the reason for the circulation.”

With respect to whether that would be an adequate result for financial specialists, Mr Gerald answered: “You need to ask what is the option and that is liquidation, which is nothing. In the event that the organization is doing its best to make you something, I would state something is superior to nothing.

“Be that as it may, what is that something? The organization is working that out at this point.”

Everyone’s eyes will presently fall on Hyflux’s next case the board gathering to be heard by the court on Feb 11.

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